Coaching is a highly effective tool that can be used to improve any aspect of your personal or professional life. The process is powerful, enjoyable and transformational!

By helping to raise your awareness with powerful questioning techniques, I support you make positive changes by helping you overcome obstacles and providing you with techniques and strategies to achieve the results you desire. As a coach, I can provide you with the support you need to determine what you really want and then help you develop the personal commitment and motivation to achieve it.

Sian at Calm-Consulting specialises in personal development coaching, leadership development coaching, stress management coaching, and transitional/career coaching. 

If you’re facing a transition, having to cope with change, feeling overwhelmed or working in a challenging context and struggling to maintain your resilience then I can help.

"I can’t tell you how much it helped to talk things through with you (as always). I always feel so much calmer and clearer after our sessions. They are a helpful reminder of who I am & the skills that I have. You really do have a (rare) gift for helping people to draw out the core elements of who they are, evaluate, process and look ahead." Communications Advisor, Charity Sector.

If you're looking for increased job satisfaction, a better work life balance, or support in developing your management and/or leadership skills then I provide a safe and confidential space for you to raise your self awareness, address current challenges and move forward on specific development areas and projects.

“Sian has been instrumental in my transformation over the time I have spent with her. I set myself some tough goals and I have hit every single one of them.” Det Sergeant, Met Police.

I am a highly experienced and qualified executive coach with the ability to connect with people at all levels, from all over the world. My clients mostly work in challenging and high pressured contexts and value having an empathetic listener who understands and ‘gets it’. Together we develop strategies for managing stress, dealing with crisis and focussing on priorities. My clients report feeling more in control, confident, empowered, and motivated to achieve more following our sessions together.

“Sian has a great ability to combine a very warm, encouraging and nurturing approach as well as offering very insightful comments and to ask some ‘killer’ questions which really focus one’s attention on the task in hand, namely self-evaluation, learning, reflection and application of new knowledge and (self-) awareness to developing increased effectiveness as a manager and leader.” Managing Director, SME.

What’s my Approach?

I create a calm and safe environment and take a holistic approach, using a combination of tools and techniques to work with clients at all levels.

My supportive, gentle and intuitive style enables my clients to develop authentic leadership skills and focus on outcomes such as strategy development, building a cohesive team, developing effective communication techniques and ensuring objectives are achieved.

What's my Coaching Experience? 

I am a highly skilled practitioner coach with 13 years experience in providing 1:1 executive coaching to clients from a range of different backgrounds and sectors. In addition to personal development and stress management coaching, specialised coaching has been provided to humanitarian staff returning from overseas postings and leadership and management development coaching has been provided to senior managers within a number of workplaces. 

Having worked with international humanitarian agencies as a senior manager since 2001, and launching my own coaching & consultancy business in 2006, I now work as a Coaching Associate with worldwide EAP providers and Coaching & Training Providers. Client organisations have included the Met Police, CHS Alliance, Save the Children, Plan International, Christian Aid, Help Age International, NSPCC, RSPCA, Office of National Statistics, Mail Newspapers, University of Arts, Westminster Academy, SHP (Single Homeless Project) and more.

 What are my Qualifications? 

  •  Reiki Practitioner

  • BA (Psychology) and BCom (Marketing) 

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Occupational Safety & Health 

 What’s the process?

 Its completely up to you! 

Whats the cost? 

Please ring 07803 964 533 or email Sian at Calm-Consulting to discuss my fee structure. 

 Call for a complimentary 20 minute consultation coaching session now!

"I can not recommend Sian highly enough! I encountered Sian at a time of personal and professional transition and confusion. Her personable, open, non-judgemental and understanding manner meant that I genuinely looked forward to my sessions. Sian was patient when I was overcome with emotion - which was often! She helped me to identify my values and to feel empowered to prioritise these. As a direct result of my time with Sian I have made significant positive changes in my personal and professional life. I also feel that Sian has helped me gain insight into my habitual approaches to managing stressful periods in my life and provided me with some concrete strategies that I can implement to make these approaches more effective in future." EVSenior Lecturer & Programme Manager

Sian is a wonderful person and highly skilled life coach. I feel blessed to have spent time with her as she has a gift for helping people. My time spent with Sian resulted in me facing a personal challenge head-on, one that I had procrastinated over for years. She helped me to understand my priorities, know what I stand for and what I just can’t stand. But the greatest benefit was the improvement in my self-esteem which has enhanced every aspect of my life. I recommend Sian to all. KV. Manager. Met Police

Working with Sian has been transformational. I'm just about to start a dream job in a new field, after a career of unsatisfying jobs. With Sian’s help I was able to make gradual changes until achieving what I hadn’t thought possible before. Sian’s warm, straight forward and approachable style made me comfortable to explore how I was stuck and what actions I could take to move forward. Her practical, powerful tools helped me to clarify my objectives and to overcome what was blocking my progress. She helped me to change my beliefs and patterns in order to reach my goals. - MH

 I would recommend Sian to anyone. She is intuitive, perceptive and has the ability to provide you with clarity and a way forward. She has an amazing ability to connect with her clients to ensure they get the guidance and support they need.” – RDH

 I woke up today feeling my confidence boosted massively since our coaching session last night, as well as feeling a sense of serenity and calm! I just wanted to say thank for helping me so far..I feel very differently about my capabilities to how I felt yesterday.” - CM,

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"Ensuring people and organisations realise their potential by providing appropriate support and care."

The Koru (spiral) respresents peace, tranquility and spirituality, growth, strength and new beginnings The Koru (spiral) represents peace, tranquility, spirituality, growth, strength and new beginnings.