Organisational Support

Calm-Consulting provides a range of personal coaching and organisational consultancy services to the humanitarian aid and development sector to ensure workers feel safe, protected, reassured and confident in their abilities around the world.  

Calm-Consulting offers health and safety consultancy services and specialises in providing stress and well-being support services.
Organisations have a 'duty of care' to ensure the physical and emotional well-being of staff before, during and on completion or their work. Ideally a fully integrated Health and Safety Management system, including a Stress and Wellbeing framework should be in place to ensure the necessary processes are firmly established.
Calm-Consulting provides support to agencies in their development and implementation of such processes and has extensive experience working with NGOs to ensure robust frameworks and ‘packages of care’ are in place. In this way, staff will feel supported and valued.
Calm-Consulting offer the following services that are key components in a ‘package of care’:

If you would like to discuss any of the above services call Sian on 07803964 533  or email Calm-Consulting at  

"Ensuring people and organisations realise their potential by providing appropriate support and care."

The Koru (spiral) respresents peace, tranquility and spirituality, growth, strength and new beginnings The Koru (spiral) represents peace, tranquility, spirituality, growth, strength and new beginnings.