Health and Safety

Calm-Consulting offers a friendly and professional health and safety consultancy service to charity organisations and other companies across the UK and internationally.

We offer an integrated and practical approach to ensure your orgnisation fulfills its duty of care by provding safe work environments and building a happy and healthy workforce. 

As Chartered member status with the Institute of Occupational Safety and health (IOSH), Sian at Calm-Consulting can provide you with the following H&S services:

Appointed Safety Advisor Support Service

Safety legislation requires every employer to designate a ‘competent person’ to assist with health and safety at work. Some organisation are unable to justify employing their own professional staff to guide them through the maze of health and safety legislation or need back-up for those with existing in-house health and safety expertise.

Risk Assessment

Every company is under a statutory duty to arrange for a "competent person" to assess all the health and safety risks in the workplace. Sian at Calm-Consulting is a qualified health and safety practitioner and can carry out workplace risk assessments on your behalf. She is also well experienced in guiding others in their risk assessment activities and can help develop the capacity of your staff to carry out their own risk assessments in the future.

Development of Health and Safety Policies and Management Systems 

An integrated approach to safety management ensures that all areas of the business are embraced.  H&S policy is a legal requirement for organisations in the UK, and sets out the organisation and arrangements for health and safety by clearly identifying responsibilities and providing relevant procedures for safe and healthy work. Calm-Consulting takes a holistic and integrated approach to ensure that health and safety requirements are woven throughout the fabric of the organisation by reviewing other related policies and systems such as HR, Security, Performance Development, Learning and Development etc.

Safety Auditing

A health and safety audit will show exactly how you measure up to legal requirements, and whether your health and safety performance is up to standard. Calm-Consulting takes a pragmatic and interactive approach to auditing and has developed audit tools and skills to ensure appropriate recommendations and actions are provided in easy-to-read and succint report.

Occupational Health

Calm-Consulting offers a range of well-being services, including DSE assessments, health screening, management of work-related ill-health, stress auditing, development of work-life balance practices etc.

Sian at Calm-Consulting has 15 years experience in building integrated and sustainable health, safety and well-being frameworks for large international organisations. As a chartered member of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, she takes a refreshing approach to health and safety by developing people's attitudes and behaviours in a positive and productive way.

To discuss any health and safety requirements you might have, call Sian on 07803 964 533, fill in an online contact form or email for more information.


"Ensuring people and organisations realise their potential by providing appropriate support and care."

The Koru (spiral) respresents peace, tranquility and spirituality, growth, strength and new beginnings The Koru (spiral) represents peace, tranquility, spirituality, growth, strength and new beginnings.