Stress Prevention & Well-being Support

Calm-Consulting specialises in providing stress and well-being support services and has extensive experience working in the international humanitarian aid and development sector (eg. NGOs).

What type of staff support systems are in place at your organisation?

If not, Calm-consulting can help to develop systems that ensure that well-being support requirements are provided. We have focussed a lot of work into developing well-being and work/life balance strategies within the international NGO sector and are passionate about helping humanitarian workers understand the stresses and trauma that can occur in the 'field' so that they look after themselves and each other whilst away on assignment.

We can provide stress and trauma briefings and group workshops to your aid workers prior to deployment and coaching support (as an alternative to counselling) whilst they are in the field, along with personal debriefing sessions at the end of their assignments.

At Calm-Consulting we fully understand the contexts and challenges that people face in the field and have particular experience working with people in emergency relief and child protection functions. 

Appropriate staff support systems are particularly important for staff:

  1. Being deployed for the first time,
  2. Working in high risk countries
  3. Responding to an international disaster or emergency.
  4. Working with vulnerable people (and children)
For staff deployed internationally, staff support systems would fall amongst three phases: Pre-assignment preparation, Ongoing support during posting; Post-assignment support and after-care.
Calm-Consulting has considerable experience working in partnership with humanitarian aid and development agencies to ensure aid workers are adequately looked after. To help agencies ensure that appropriate support is provided to staff working internationally Calm-Consulting offers the following services:


"Ensuring people and organisations realise their potential by providing appropriate support and care."

The Koru (spiral) respresents peace, tranquility and spirituality, growth, strength and new beginnings The Koru (spiral) represents peace, tranquility, spirituality, growth, strength and new beginnings.