"Thank you so much for this morning. I can’t tell you how much it helped to talk things through with you (as always). I always feel so much calmer and clearer after our meetings. They are a helpful reminder of who I am & the skills that I have. You really do have a (rare) gift for helping people to draw out the core elements of who they are, evaluate, process and look ahead."  - AM

“I would recommend Sian to anyone. She is intuitive, perceptive and has the ability to provide you with clarity and a way forward. She has an amazing ability to connect with her clients to ensure they get the guidance and support they need.” – RDH

“Sian has a holistic, highly intuitive and supportive coaching approach. Her quiet and gentle style is coupled with an amazing ability to frame the killer question that really gets you thinking on a new tack!” - LL

“Sian has a very gentle, warm and natural approach that is reassuring and supportive, and combines this with highly perceptive and challenging insights that really helped me to understand myself more.” - PN

“Sian’s ability to listen closely enabled me to explore my feelings. The guided meditations and visualizations were uplifting and left me with a very positive sense of wellbeing and security. I would recommend Sian’s logical and structured approach, and the calm and secure environment she creates to others. Moving abroad to work no longer became so daunting.” – CC

“ I woke up today feeling my confidence boosted massively since our coaching session last night, as well as feeling a sense of serenity and calm!”  - CM

The overall effect of my sessions with you is that I have confidence in my abilities and more awareness of what I have a right to, what I deserve, what is possible.   I have managed to shake off   limiting self beliefs that I have carried around with me since childhood; attitudes that are not really me, nor aligned to who I am but are family beliefs. Your intuition, receptivity and open mindedness made the whole experience useful and enjoyable.” - MH

“…thanks again for everything. I think you and your way of working are truly empowering and quite wonderful too. Thank you.”  - DB

“Sian is a provider of opportunities, someone who can help you remember the aspirations that have lain dormant and forgotten, buried under the day to day, the nine to five, the deadlines, the washing and the weekend decorating, that have replaced hope with doubts that you accept as realism.  Sian can help you reclaim your dreams, recharge your enthusiasm, awaken your belief in your abilities and remind you that anything is possible.” HM

“You truly have a gift, and you are a wonder. You have really helped me, Sian, by knowing and receiving messages to give to people. Please accept and acknowledge my thanks and you truly are amazing." - CO

"Sian develops relationships with people that are lasting, so you know that she will be there to continually support you. In these relationships Sian gives the space for people to come to their own conclusions by asking the right questions. Sian is very intuitive and this allows her to 'lead' and advise people in a direction that is natural for them. Sian recognises the value of praise and encouragement as a natural aid in the development of others."

"Sian has amazing intuition and unlike many people does not censor this but draws on it to have courageous (and often highly challenging) conversations. Sian is very empathetic and a wonderful listener."

"Sian has a great ability to ask 'open-ended' type questions in a non-threatening easy going way. I have observed on many occasions how a question from Sian allows someone struggling to make a leap of confidence in their own ability. She is also very personable and gentle when necessary and has an ability to use humour to defuse tense situations."

"Sian is very easy to talk with, she listens well, always appears interested and does not try to dominate. I have observed how she will strive to identify the positive aspects of a person's performance and use this information to help build confidence in that person."

"Sian has a very relaxed, open and easy way about her that encourages confidences. In group conversations Sian has the ability to hover above the discussion and see the big picture and then relate it back to the current situation enabling others present to better understand the issues. When Sian gives her opinion you know that it has been thought through and all implications thoroughly considered." 

"Sian uses questions thoughtfully and provocatively, inviting people to think about their own ideas, beliefs and responsibilities and to develop their thinking or make a change. Sian has a natural aptitidue and incredibly strong good intent for supporting people in their developmental journeys."

"Sian has a very empathetic supportive nature and a strong instinct that she has highly tuned when working with others." 

"I can’t recommend Sian highly enough, she was excellent."

"Ensuring people and organisations realise their potential by providing appropriate support and care."

The Koru (spiral) respresents peace, tranquility and spirituality, growth, strength and new beginnings The Koru (spiral) represents peace, tranquility, spirituality, growth, strength and new beginnings.